Yasuke Tips: Using HiNative to practice Japanese


Don’t want to bother your Japanese friends with grammar questions? Try HiNative

To practice your Japanese you can use HiNative in at least two ways:

  1. Ask how to say something in Japanese
  2. Answer Japanese people who want to know how to say something in English
  3. Answer other foreigners who have Japanese questions.

There are so many great things about this learner community website/app, I can’t even tell you the half of it. But here’s the short story.

It feels great to be able to help others while putting your own language skills into practice.

Also, this is a great place to have your sentences checked by a native (regardless of your level, every non-native should, without embarrassment, use some type of “native-check” – arrogance leads to fishy Japanese; the equivalent of EngRish)

Let’s see what it looks like

Below are some screenshots of my contributions to help Japanese people on HiNative who ask about how to say something in English.

Explaining English grammar in Japanese is a good exercise of my language-related Japanese vocabulary.

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