Yasuke Tips! 検索 How to search the web in Japanese – A guide to a lifelong language habit

One of the best ways to improve your Japanese is to do web searches in Japanese and skim through the results. It is a habit that can help you immerse yourself more fully into Japanese and at the same time [hopefully] not hate doing so 🙂

But how to we do it? Let’s see!

Essential search vocabulary:

とは (what is…[thing/or concept])

って ([person/place/etc]…. is? )

仕組み (how… [to do something])

And as explored in this previous post about how to use Yahoo.JP’s 知恵袋:

[ something ] [something] の違いは (what’s the difference between x and y)

Unfortunately, there is little information available in English about doing web searches in Japanese.

(In fact, this is the only article I found the first time looking https://www.nippon.com/en/features/c03815/japan-surfing-the-web-the-top-internet-keywords-of-2018.html )

The Full Yasuke! textbook is hoping to improve the situation. So subscribe and stay tuned as we pump out more.

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