Yasuke Tips (For Teachers) – Using Erin.ne.jp to teach Japanese, especially immersion lessons.

A very quick write up of a topic I hope to delve deeper into later… Erin.ne.jp, the Japanese teacher/tutor’s Swiss Army Knife.

On the surface this website might seem to only match self-study and for only certain kinds of students. But let’s take a closer look.

Erin.ne.jp takes a situational approach more than focusing on grammar. Each lesson is helping you through a common situation you might face in daily life in Japan.

Since Erin.ne.jp’s interface can be in either Japanese or English (or other languages) it is fairly accessible even with beginner students.

And at the same time it is not full of the English explanations that make other sites (like Tae Kim’s excellent but English heavy Guide)  hard to use for immersion style lessons.


Have the student read through the skit with you. Or do one of the exercises. Use the tips in the video below to create an immersion environment.

Important Point:

Erin.ne.jp is absolutely not just for Beginners!!

Since it is situational, the website can help students at any level. And I mean any level (even the most advanced, because they can practice writing the kanji from memory or journaling about each video).

Every level also has an advanced skit besides the basic one with Erin. And these are all native conversations.

So how to use Erin.ne.jp’s various features to match different levels?

Play with the controls to show or not show the kanji, this will help you practice kanji recognition or kanji writing.

Assign homework to write about the scenes.

Using this method, Erin.ne.jp is the gift that keeps on giving…


(P.S. This tip will be included later in Full Yasuke! Our textbook of Japanese and Guide to teaching Japanese. Check it out!)

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