Yasuke Tip: Using Yahoo’s 知恵袋 to get a deeper understanding of Japanese

Let’s say you want to know the difference between two similar Japanese words. For example, 新し 新たな.

You can google “新しと新たなの違いは” and get good results. But you can also try Yahoo’s ChieBukuro (Knowledge Bag) to dig deeper. Here’s how.

The page you want is


On this page, in the search bar, type in the word or phrase you want to better understand.

ChieBukuro is like other Q and A websites (like Quora.com).

Users post questions, others answer.

By searching you will likely find that someone has already asked about what you want to know.

The answers are all in Japanese. But if you use rikai then the kanji ought not be too intimidating.

Happy searching!

(P.S. This post will eventually be put into Full Yasuke! Our textbook of Japanese and Guide to Teaching/Tutoring Japanese. Check it out!)


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