Yakitori Sensei !


Welcome! My students call me “Yakitori Sensei!” It’s nice to meet you!

taiyo pencil sketch

U.S. students can book my lessons through Wyzant.com

Teacher Profile:
I teach Japanese to classes and individuals using CIE learning methods.

Instead of boring, stay-in-your-seat classes, students learn while acting and doing!


  • 4 years of High School Japanese / Passes AP Japanese testing
  • College Japanese courses
  • Study Abroad to Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan
  • Transfer and graduation from Sophia University (Intensive Japanese and Advanced Japanese graduate)
  • Harry Cotton Language Teaching Methods Seminar (CIE | the Neuroscience of language acquisition)

Why learn from a Non-Native Japanese teacher?


Learn with all your senses –

Active moving brains learn better – so don’t sit at your desk!



Some Japanese Resources

Japanese-lesson.com – great beginner charts, sheets, and information

ManyThings.org/Japanese  – truly many things. one of the best Japanese language resources based on quality and quantity available. Also all FREE!

Anki memorization tool – a software tool that changes the way you memorize.