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How to recall your Japanese – some anecdotal neuroscience of language learning

“Japanese language mode” – is the name I have for the “setting” my brain has to go into before I can really communicate and remember in Japanese. How to get there is the subject of this post, so if you want to know, read on.

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“You’ll never learn [all there is to know about] Japanese” – an important message for the lifelong Japanese learner

It happens to all of us at some point… discouragement. What to do about it?

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Great Artists Do Not Create, They Do Not Copy, They STEAL

This is very likely the most important post I have written about learning Japanese. In a 1996 address, Steve Jobs quoted the statement “Good artists copy; Great artists steal” (which he misattributed to Picasso – but that is besides the point). What Steve Jobs likely meant – and what we will be talking about – […]

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Advice for progressing to advanced Japanese and into near-native fluency

Seven slightly-crazy tips to progress to near-native fluency:

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ウインドウズの日本語IMEの使い方 (How to use Windows Japanese IME input; how to toggle あ and A, included ) – 生徒は尋ねる

As part of your self-enforced immersion routine you will want to type, web surf, etc. in Japanese. For that you will need Japanese typing input. And this post will teach you how to get it and how to use it.

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Presenting “Yasuke! Kanji Mnemonics for the Classroom”

In this incomplete but initial starter post, JapanTree is proud to present – the fruit of six years of effort – the world’s first kanji system to adapt the Heisig Method for use in the classroom. THIS IS BIG.

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Pausing and Phrasing

Text of the article ストレスの対処法 あなたが大切にしている事柄についてまず考えてみましょう。その中には健康,人への接し方,人生の目標や優先順位の高いものなどがあります。この記事では,ストレスにうまく対処し,ストレスを和らげるのに役立つアドバイスを紹介しています。 END OF ARTICLE (more practice below) (after the shorter phrasing, practice the longer phrase breaks; in green below) To learn the kanji (& practice writing them) ストレスの対処法 すとれす たいしょほう あなたたいせつ している ことがら について まず かんがえてみましょう。 1021*against 1288*dispose of/ or manage 1258*law あなたが 398*big 167*cut / […]

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日本語だけで! Getting by in only Japanese!(a Yasuke Tip)

目次 (TABLE OF CONTENTS) 1. 説明 (Explanation)2. ネイティブのように (like a “native”) 3.~もの (things) 4.~こと (intangible things: movement, feelings, situations)5.それは何だっけ? _は日本語で何だっけな (What is that again?)

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Yasuke Tips: Unusual LevelUps. How self-learning Japanese Sign Language (JSL) is helping me keep up my Japanese

I use lots of different methods to keep up my Japanese. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I force myself to use Japanese through tutoring, membership in Japanese associations, and other ways. I also have a few good Japanese friends (but they can be too busy for regular practice). I also use HiNative to get a […]

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Yasuke Tips! 検索 How to Google in Japanese – A guide to a lifelong language habit

One of the best ways to improve your Japanese is to do web searches in Japanese and skim through the results. It is a habit that can help you immerse yourself more fully into Japanese and at the same time [hopefully] not hate doing so 🙂 But how do we do it? Let’s see!

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Yasuke Tips (For Teachers) – Using to teach Japanese, especially immersion lessons.

A very quick write up of a topic I hope to delve deeper into later…, the Japanese teacher/tutor’s Swiss Army Knife. On the surface this website might seem to only match self-study and for only certain kinds of students. But let’s take a closer look.

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Yasuke Tip: Using Yahoo’s 知恵袋 to get a deeper understanding of Japanese

Let’s say you want to know the difference between two similar Japanese words. For example, 新し 新たな. You can google “新しと新たなの違いは” and get good results. But you can also try Yahoo’s ChieBukuro (Knowledge Bag) to dig deeper. Here’s how.

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