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日本語だけで! Getting by in only Japanese!(a Yasuke Tip)

TABLE OF CONTENTS 目次 ~もの~ことそれは何だっけ? OUTLINE of the lessonExplanation 説明ネイティブのように (like a “native”)~ものthings~ことmovement, feelings, situationsそれは何だっけ?_は日本語で何だっけな せつめい Explanation かんたんに make it simple会話で意味を通話するために何をしべきかというテーマについて話したいと思いますね。 外国語で意味を通じるために通じたい意味を簡単にさせる。 簡単は簡単にできるわけじゃなくてむしろ大変努力が必要です。まずは、頭の中に何を言いたいこと(通じたいこと)をよく分からなきゃいけないですね。そしてその複雑な考えの基本的な意味をよく考えなきゃいかないのです。 その最も基本的な意味を簡単な言い方で伝えていいです。自分の母国語の表現から訳したり、複雑な言い方をやろうとしたりしないでよいのです。 I want to say a few words about conveying meaning in conversation.First off, the goal is to make your words simple so your meaning can be readily understood.But simple is not always easy. It […]

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Yasuke Tips: Unusual LevelUps. How self-learning Japanese Sign Language (JSL) is helping me keep up my Japanese

I use lots of different methods to keep up my Japanese. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I force myself to use Japanese through tutoring, membership in Japanese associations, and other ways. I also have a few good Japanese friends (but they can be too busy for regular practice). I also use HiNative to get a […]

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Yasuke Tips (For Teachers) – Using to teach Japanese, especially immersion lessons.

A very quick write up of a topic I hope to delve deeper into later…, the Japanese teacher/tutor’s Swiss Army Knife. On the surface this website might seem to only match self-study and for only certain kinds of students. But let’s take a closer look.

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Yasuke Tip: Using Yahoo’s 知恵袋 to get a deeper understanding of Japanese

Let’s say you want to know the difference between two similar Japanese words. For example, 新し と 新たな. You can google “新しと新たなの違いは” and get good results. But you can also try Yahoo’s ChieBukuro (Knowledge Bag) to dig deeper. Here’s how.

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