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The “Yasuke Japanese Language Immersion Method”™ (A guide to Japanese Language Classrooms and Tutoring Lessons)

Haters and Japanese language learning – Yasuke! Tips for Teachers

I’ve posted on this subject many times, but I think I will never address it enough: everyone (native speaker to non-native speaker, and everyone in between) makes mistakes in Japanese. Let’s talk about why non-native speakers should not be afraid to teach Japanese; And why you should still use both types of tutors (native and […]

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Yasuke Presents… “Japanese-School-In-A-Box”: A Guide to opening a Japanese school in your living room. A help for students and teachers of Japanese.

“Kanji Anonymous” A proposed decentralized club for learning Japanese that anyone can set up anywhere. Mission: to fill the world with Japanese schools.

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Presenting “Yasuke! Kanji Mnemonics for the Classroom”

In this incomplete but initial starter post, JapanTree is proud to present – the fruit of six years of effort – the world’s first kanji system to adapt the Heisig Method for use in the classroom. THIS IS BIG.

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Yasuke Tips (For Teachers) – Using to teach Japanese, especially immersion lessons.

A very quick write up of a topic I hope to delve deeper into later…, the Japanese teacher/tutor’s Swiss Army Knife. On the surface this website might seem to only match self-study and for only certain kinds of students. But let’s take a closer look.

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Yasuke Tips for Teachers: Classroom Expressions for Japanese Language Immersion

Japanese teachers, Japanese tutors, this one might just be what you were looking for! Taking Japanese lessons with a tutor? You can use these phrases too! (Side note: This tip will be included later in Full Yasuke! Our textbook of Japanese and Guide to teaching Japanese. Check it out!) Let’s take a look!

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Adventures in Teaching Japanese

If it is your first time here – I am a non-native Japanese teacher. (years of Japanese/ Japanese University grad) I am currently teaching at a small private high school that encourages innovative methods. For me, teaching Japanese is like coming home. It is like giving back. In my senior year of high school my Japanese […]

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