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Surfing with Yasuke! September 2021

Grammar dictionaries, name dictionaries, youtube and more

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Surfing with Yasuke! August 2021

Hi There! This is “Surfing with Yasuke!” – A monthly or semi-weekly posting of interesting links from wandering around the Japanese language related web And my thoughts on the things found. Here we go…

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Aidzuchi 相づち : the Art of “Back-channeling” – Yasuke! Adventures in Japanese

One important thing about listening in Japanese is responding to, or repeating back, a portion of what the person said.  In Japanese there is even a word for this “相づち” (あいづち). Let’s learn more…

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自転車免許証? When did Japan start requiring a license for bicycles? Let’s find out

So, between, simplified news websites, and I do article reading lessons often with students. And sometimes interesting things come up.

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Presenting “Yasuke! Kanji Mnemonics for the Classroom”

In this incomplete but initial starter post, JapanTree is proud to present – the fruit of six years of effort – the world’s first kanji system to adapt the Heisig Method for use in the classroom. THIS IS BIG.

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Yasuke Tips: A more in-depth look at how to use to improve all areas of your Japanese, no matter your Japanese level is super useful and free. It doesn’t get much better than that for a japanese teacher (japanese tutor) looking for online resources. Which is why I already wrote about it being a great Japanese teaching resource (especially for immersion lessons). This Yasuke Tip will show you how to get all of the juice out […]

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Yasuke Adventure in Japanese : How to ask Japanese if they understood in very polite Japanese

As a way of increasing the depth of our Japanese knowledge Yasuke Tips has suggested using Yahoo ChieBukuro. The following is an example search.

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Adventures in Teaching Japanese

If it is your first time here – I am a non-native Japanese teacher. (years of Japanese/ Japanese University grad) I am currently teaching at a small private high school that encourages innovative methods. For me, teaching Japanese is like coming home. It is like giving back. In my senior year of high school my Japanese […]

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