Yasuke Tips for Teachers 猿も

Haters and Japanese language learning – Yasuke! Tips for Teachers

I’ve posted on this subject many times, but I think I will never address it enough:

everyone (native speaker to non-native speaker, and everyone in between) makes mistakes in Japanese.

Let’s talk about why non-native speakers should not be afraid to teach Japanese; And why you should still use both types of tutors (native and non-native) even if your non-native teacher makes mistakes.

Learn Japanese Yasuke Tips 猿も

Great Artists Do Not Create, They Do Not Copy, They STEAL

This is very likely the most important post I have written about learning Japanese.

In a 1996 address, Steve Jobs quoted the statement “Good artists copy; Great artists steal” (which he misattributed to Picasso – but that is besides the point).

What Steve Jobs likely meant – and what we will be talking about – is a fundamental habit of people who master a craft….



Nobody’s perfect 🙂

Yasuke Vs. Kanji 猿も

Japanese People Forget How To Write Kanji – How to remember the kanji with mnemonics


Don’t let it happen to you!

Learn to write kanji by mnemonics and you just might remember them long after that classroom kanji test…

Learning kanji without mnemonics is like learning to spell without having learnt the alphabet!!!!