The World’s First “Kanji Writer’s Dictionary”

This book is not guaranteed to make you pretty

It’s not your genie

But it WILL change the way you do Kanji. period.

But how?

The advantage of a kanji writer’s dictionary (of which Yasuke! is the world’s first) over other kanji mnemonics programs is:

You can start actually using what you learn from day one.

Let’s see that in action. These are the pages that I mention in the video:

にほんご 日本語

We find にほん in the Jukugo section of the dictionary. It shows that the word is made up of two kanji “sun” which is #23 and “book” which is #340.

So we need to look up #23 and #340 in the keyword-clue section of the dictionary.


And here’s

The problem with most kanji mnemonics systems is that you pretty much have to learn all of it before you can use any of it.

Anyone who has ever tried out a kanji mnemonic program (like Heisig or WaniKani) can probably relate to that.

With those programs you:

  • learn a lot of information that you can’t use right away. Like radicals.
  • have to learn them in a set order
  • have to learn them one painful flashcard at a time

The Yasuke! Versus Kanji method, which includes this Yasuke! Kanji Writer’s Dictionary, on the other hand let’s you:

  • use kanji right away, because all component kanji are linked by a reference number
  • learn and use kanji in context instead of in a set order
  • skim through and get used to lots of kanji at a time instead of a few flashcards at a time that make you want to give up.

The free online version of the dictionary is available to search here:

And the paperback dictionary is available here:

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