The Japan Interviews – 21 Exclusive Interviews with Japan-related website owners

This was originally a post on my website DailyJ which is now defunct.

Due to a problem extracting/migrating these old posts from the from the backup files of the dead website, there might be some glitches in the posts. Sorry about that…

Anyway, below is the list of 20 interviews with Japan-related website owners!!

Here is a quick quote about the concept behind the exciting interviews:

This blog is a place for us to showcase some great j-blogs and j-sites.
These are the sites that are bringing you unique views of Japan, amazing experiences, solid advice, great language tools and materials, and all the wonders a J-enthusiast could ever ask for!

But most importantly we will talk to the people behind these sites and projects.

Yes sir! This blog will not only feature information about great j-sites. Oh No. It will be full of behind the scenes, exclusive interviews with the people themselves!

And DailyJ has definitely had a lot of fun with “the people behind the scenes.” Here are all of the interviews from year 1! :


Garrett and Ken from Trans-Pacific Radio

  1. Finally some grown-up Japan content! – The Message Garrett & Ken are broadcasting about Japan and why you, J-blogger, should listen – An exclusive interview with Trans-Pacific Radio

Jim Breen, the creator of the famous Jim Breen online Japanese dictionary

  1. Words Jim Breen wrote to me.

Smoother from JapanItUp

  1. Why Japan It Up? – find out in this exclusive interview
  2. Why Smoother loves Japan – an interview with JapanItUp
  3. How you can Japan It Up with the man behind the site – an exclusive interview with
  4. When in Japan – an interview with JapanItUp

Koichi of Tofugu

  1. Submit or suffer the wrath of Segata Sanshiro! – the official Tofugu world domination interview
  2. Why interest in Japan is cool again – an exclusive interview with Tofugu
  3. Why Koichi is embarrassed about the Japan Humour Blog of the Year Victory – an interview with Tofugu
  4. How Tofugu was born – an exclusive interview


  1. A blogger with too much time on his hands? – an exclusive interview with South of Reality
  2. What South Of Reality has to say about ESL and Nova – an exclusive interview
  3. “Remember, this is Japan” – an intervew with South Of Reality

Gaba Teachers Association

  1. Why this site is the of ESL news- an exclusive interview with Gaba Teachers Association
  2. What GTA has to say about Gaba and ESL in Japan – an interview with “Gaba Teacher’s Association
  3. How you can make GTA happy – an interview with Gaba Teachers Association

Gerry of JapanBlogList

  1. A simple bloglist, a powerful mission – an exclusive interview with JapanBlogList
  2. How you can contribute to amassing the greatest list of Japan Blogs in the world! – an interview with JapanBlogList
  3. When Japan-bloggers put their minds together beautiful things happen – follow up to our interview with JapanBlogList

Japan Blog of 2007 (Not an interview but definitely a highlight of the year)

  1. Japan blogs of the year 2007

Thomas from NihonHacks

  1. Baby Noah vs. The Elephant – an interview with Thomas, proud father and blogger @ Nihonhacks
  2. Why I want every Japan-related blogger to blogroll NihonHacks, right now! – an exclusive interview with
  3. How we can all help ourselves by helping NihonHacks – an exclusive interview with
  4. How the NihonHacks idea was born – an exclusive interview

Chris from Waikiki2Yanai

  1. Total Control – an interview with Chris from Waikiki2Yanai
  2. What makes Chris Ballard a serious language teacher – an interview with Waikiki2Yanai
  3. Why Daily J may need more pictures and widgets – an interview with Chris from Waikiki2Yanai

Tyler MacNiven star of “Kintaro Walks Japan”

  1. Kintaro Goes Geisha – a teaser from our exclusive interview with Kintaro Walks Japan
  2. The Making of the Film – an interview with Kintaro Walks Japan
  3. Wrestling 100 Mongolians! – an exclusive interview with Tyler from hit film Kintaro Walks Japan (and a bit of breaking news)
  4. When Harvey met Tyler – an update to our interview with Tyler MacNiven

(This interview for me was just great because I had been a huge fan of Tyler even before starting DailyJ)

Deas from Rocking In Hakata

  1. Rock Out! Why this site is one of my favourites – an exclusive interview with Rocking In Hakata
  2. Bloggers, Let’s Make Sure the Next Japan Blog Matsuri Rocks! – an interview with Rocking In Hakata

Mark from Digital World Tokyo

  1. “Alright Kids, Who Wants to Write for DigitalWorldTokyo?” “I do, I do!”
  2. Mothers, lock up your USB ports… Digital World Tokyo has let the dogs out
  3. Interview with Digital World Tokyo
  4. The Good Stuff, from Japan – an exclusive interview with Digital World Tokyo

Shioyama from

  1. Alternative perspectives on Japan – an interview with
  2. What translated documents on have to do with you and the fingerprinting of all foreigners in Japan

Takanori sensei from

  1. Learn Japanese With Takanori Sensei! – an exclusive interview with

Harvey from JapanNewbie

  1. Chatting with JapanNewbie – an exclusive interview
  2. Harvey on housing, travel, and skinny girls – an exclusive interview with JapanNewbie

Mari from Watashi To Tokyo

  1. You, Me, and Mari – Interview with “Watashi to Tokyo”

Turner from KeepingPaceInJapan

  1. A great interview coming up! Why this rocket scientist needs your support
  2. Why KeepingPaceinJapan is a perfect site for Japan-enthusiasts
  3. “The truth about AEON” – interview with KeepingPaceInJapan
  4. Keeping Pace with Japan IN SPACE! – interview with an aerospace engineer
  5. Finish line – interview with KeepingPaceInJapan

Rising Sun Of Nihon’s Bill Belew

  1. RisingSunofNihon – Find out why Bill Belew is my hero
  2. RisingSunofNihon – an exclusive interview with Bill Belew: why his posts should be at an ESL school near you..
  3. Who’s the real Bill Belew?
  4. Cute girls vs. Business and Culture – Which will win on RisingSunofNihon?


  1. Jamaipanese – Interview with an “otaku”
  2. Jamaipanese – exclusive interview part II, with a twist

Adam Douglas from Slash And Burn

  1. The Humble “Slash And Burn” – an exclusive interview
  2. Slash And Burn – exclusive interview part II



That is a lot of interviews! It was a great journey and yet it has just started.

There are still plenty of amazing interviews just waiting to be initiated.  If you blog about Japan we’d love to interview you