Surfing with Yasuke! October 2021

This month’s surfing is related to Japanese testing. Happily the JLPT is now at least partially contested by the J-Cat

Let’s take a look

It seems (in some cases) the J-CAT is a viable alternative to the rigid testing procedure of JLPT

Let’s see what people are saying about JLPT versus J-CAT

To do that we are going to do some searching in Japanese. If you don’t yet know how, here is my guide to doing it.

Here are some things I found

My alma mater is accepting the J-CAT for language placement!


male / female speech

2,000 words while you sleep.

similar to our Subliminal kanji video…


random polyglot


Since I love AtsuEigo

First look at Matt Vs Japan
I thought this video gives a good explanation of aizuchi. And explains things foreigners might misunderstand. For example, if a Japanese person says はい or そうですね as aizuchi it doesn’t necessarily mean “yes” or that they agree with what you said; it just means that they are listening to you.



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