Surfing With Yasuke! Yasuke Adventures in Japanese

Surfing with Yasuke! August 2021

Hi There! This is “Surfing with Yasuke!” – A monthly or semi-weekly posting of interesting links from wandering around the Japanese language related web
And my thoughts on the things found. Here we go…

This time around it is all youtube videos. Except this article about conformity as a misconception

The videos are on three subjects: 1)あいづち aizuchi  2)Miku’s interviews with Japanese speakers 3) pith accent

The best way to learn about Aizuchi (as a cultural thing) might be from Japanese people trying to kick the habit. Watch this AtsuEigo video on it. “Foreign guy” (didn’t catch his name) has beautiful Japanese skills with perfect timing

An introduction to some basic aizuchi

I have talked about more advanced aizuchi before (click for the post)

good slow conversation

interesting weird japanese guy. didn’t watch the whole thing, so don’t know his story. His japanese is strangely basic…

(his Japanese also seems to have a foreign/american accent)

Pitch Accent
Dogen’s stuff

Dogen’s evaluating other peoples Japanese.

pitch accent