Japanese Resources Bookmark Chaos

This page is a chaotic goldmine of Japanese teaching resources. I have bookmarks of resources galore on my browser and in other logs. I am trying to put them in a little better order here.

 Key: (trying to create a rating system; also cost marker)   [10] = 10 out of 10 quality rating .  [$] = a little money [$$$] equals a lot of money.  (most stuff here is free)


Beginner Students

Hiragana –

Hiragana Mnemonics – Tofugu

Hiragana Anki Deck

Hiragana quizzes  one |

Doraemon lessons (for hiragana and more)  – ドラえもん おけいこ(Doraemon youtube)


Kanji Radicals (Yes, beginners should start learning Kanji) –

Yakitori (me) Sensei’s Guide to Kanji (work in progress)

Radical Cheatsheet  this sheet uses some funky nicknames for the radicals when perfectly good general meanings already exist for most of the radicals. I think he was making special mnemonics for his specific system.

Kanji Link these 48 radicals cover 75% of all kanji


Kanji Cards

http://kanjicards.org/  ( a FREE alternative to paying for physical kanji flashcards; can download free flashcard pdf)


Kanji (with mnemonics)




Expressions and phrase lists –

Wa-pedia expressions list

Jref’s useful expressions list

About.com’s list of Japanese phrases  [10]


Verbs –

Barron’s 501 Japanese Verbs anki deck

Japanese Verb Congugator

About.com Japanese verbs


Intermediate Students

Get that grammar going

Japanese Cheat Sheet

Visualizing Japanese Grammar by Shoko Hamano [10] AMAZING

Grammar flashcards from the 3 Volumes of Japanese Grammar Dictionary


Refer to grammar dictionaries 




Level up with Onomatopoeia

Gitaigo & Giongo flashcards for Anki


Things your textbook probably won’t teach you –

 Expressing emotions (anki flashcards)

list of Japanese slang


Intermediate to Advanced

Language thru Television –

Guide to using Japanese drama

FluentU’s list of Japanese dramas  (probably the best being the school dramas like 大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた (search youtube)

Educational programs are better

Kodomo Challenge

“NHK for School”


Japanese – English daily news (short)



Components of natural converstion

Aidzuchi (“back-channeling”)

a guide to keeping conversation engaged

– tofugu article of Aizuchi


Advanced : Teachers and Language Ninjas

my Advanced Japanese resources page



Random resources



picture dictionary !  | another | another


Online Textbooks/ Interactive textbooks –

Yakitori Sensei’s resource list of Survival Japanese and common phrases

Yakitori Sensei’s list of online textbooks and textbook-like resources

Gakuu – online textbook [$$]

Tsukuba University’s Situational Functional Japanese

Renshuu.org‘s Japanese comprehensive Japanese interactive study tool


Online Japanese Courses  (Japanese classes with their courses online)-

MIT’s Japanese classes


Schools in Japan with coursework online (Japanese language class & other subjects but taught in Japanese)-

Jochi “Sophia” University’s “Open Course Ware”  (Video recordings of Japanese  college classes!! besides it being from my Alma Mater I think it really is some great stuff)


Reading Material –

Liana’s Extended reading advice

Tofugu’s list of reading material


Games (board games, etc.) –

Iroha Karuta

printable karuta cards

a list of the proverbs with english meaning






Video –



Audio –

Audio storybook stories with read-along text


Flashcards  (general)-

 Anki Japanese


Software –

HumanJapanese  – to learn Japanese from scratch (see what it contains) – (Japantree interview with Human Japanese creator)  [free primer then $. but only about 18$ USD]


Text-to-speech (TTS) and free Japanese voices

Balabolka | free text to speech Japanese SAPI 5  (you need both)

TTS and Anki

Micro-translation and edit-correcting websites –

lang-8  & it sister-site HiNative (language exchange; native speakers correct your jpn text)

https://rhinospike.com/ (language exchandge; Japanese people will record audio for you)


Immersion –

LiveMocha – free Rosetta Stone alternative


Compilations –


Jim Breen’s Japanese Page (the mother of all compilations)

Saboten’s Japanese Teacher resource list

Saboten’s Japanese learning resources list

Tofugu’s 100 best resources

42 insane methods

resources page of HILLS lang school in NY

MIT page of resources


Miscellaneous – 




Lots of free https://www.punipunijapan.com/free-stuff/

tutors – https://kakehashijapan.com/


list of all family members (comphrehensive) https://www.learn-japanese-adventure.com/japanese-family.html


Youtubers who teach japanese https://teamjapanese.com/7-awesome-youtubers-will-teach-japanese/

How to use hiNative (my guide to using HiNative)


THE REAL way to address everyone -日本語の二人称代名詞 – (wikipedia japanese) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC%E8%AA%9E%E3%81%AE%E4%BA%8C%E4%BA%BA%E7%A7%B0%E4%BB%A3%E5%90%8D%E8%A9%9E