The Yasuke! Hint-Assisted Chinese Character Keyboard

*this page is a work in progress toward a detailed guide to the Yasuke! Keyboard; please bear with us.*

What is it?

As the world’s first (that we know of) “hint-assisted” Chinese character keyboard, Yasuke! H.A.C.C.Keyboard is an aid in learning to write Kanji.

Also, it is completely free.

H.A.C.C.K. can help you learn to write the Kanji by-hand, from memory.

The “hint keyboard” can be useful for all Japanese learners, but would be especially useful to those who work or study in a Japanese environment. For example, “returnees” (帰国子女) .

How it works?

The Keyboard is in the form of a custom dictionary for the Japanese keyboard app “Simeji” (available for iphone and android).

So first you have to install Simeji and then you will put our files into its custom dictionary.

Once you have done that, you will be able to use it as a keyboard on your phone. To see what that will look like, please see the video at the bottom of this post.

It is also possible to use it on a Windows PC or Mac by using a smart phone emulator – like BlueStacks. (If you don’t know how to use BlueStacks, I’m sorry, I will be updating this with more how to later).


1) Download our dictionary files by clicking on the big green button below.

2) Get simeji app. Where to get simeji app? >>

3) Install simeji the way you would install any other app

4) Find your phone’s “file manager” app. You will need to use it to move around the dictionary files. Take one file at a time. Rename it as “simeji_user_dict.txt”

5) Move the renamed file to the “/sdcard/Simeji/” folder

6) Inside the simeji app, you want to navigate to “settings>> dictionary >> import dictionary” and click on “ok” when it pops up the import dictionary window.

7) Repeat steps 4-6 for each of our files (5 files). Then in your phone settings enable the simeji keyboard. Use the keyboard wherever you would use a keyboard (messaging app, google docs, etc.). Follow the example in the video below for ways to use it.

*note: you will also want to install a Japanese “handwriting” keyboard (google’s gboard has one and apple should too).

“Pay what you want” option for downloading the H.A.C.C.Keyboard

The H.A.C.C.K. is FREE $0.

(we believe in Free $0 here at JapanTree)

There is, however, the option for you to pay a few dollars in support if you want.

(Since I’m greedy I suggest $15; if you are greedy, consider paying $5; and if you are broke, no worries, it’s free $0) 🙂

There is a video and readme instructions on the download page.

If you download it for free and use it and it is useful to you, consider buying me a coffee at

Or pay forward the language gift, by teaching someone else some Japanese – in the philosophy of Kanji Anonymous.