An introduction to the Keyword practice method

The following section of Yasuke! Versus Kanji has worksheets that can be used to practise writing the Kanji. Also memorizing Kanji composition. If you’re new here READ THIS

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Quick guide to using the worksheets:

Clicking on the number of the kanji (ex: #77) will link you to a search for that kanji’s jukugo.

Clicking on the “kanji info” (“+”) plus tab will show the kanji and show links to a large list of websites with info, jukugo, mnemonics, etymology, etc etc. (i.e. more info in one place than you will ever need for the kanji)

Mousing over any of the keywords will give you it’s component keywords. Clicking on the keyword will let you see a further breakdown (the components of the components)

Let’s Start ! Here’s the first worksheet