[1501*wine bottle📜  

[1502*good luck📜  

[1503*side- or vice- ] 📜  


[1505*get rich📜  

[478b*second rank *LOSER*📜  



[1509*card / label / bill📜  


[1511*variant of clothes ] 📜  

[1512*first time📜  


[1514*get injured📜  


[1516*complicated or compound📜  


[1518*return or redo ] 📜  

[1519*put on pants or shoes📜  








[1527*join hands ] 📜  






[1533*admonish / commandment📜  




[1537*the next- /the following- ] 📜  



[1540*traditional fan📜  




[1545*long ago📜  


[1547*too bad close-but-no-cigar📜  

[1548*family register📜  


[1550*side / arrogant📜  


[1552*line up / ordinary📜  





[1557*Tha $treetz📜  


[1559*to differ📜  

[1560*political wing📜  



[1563*again / once more📜  


[1565*chain store📜  



[1568*Jinga interwoven sticks ] 📜  

[1569*set up / care about📜  





[1574*descend /rainfall / get-out-of-a-vehicle📜  





[1579*tanned leather📜  

[1580*different and therefore wrong📜  

偉- 📜  


[1583*chaotic radical #136📜  

[1584*twinkle / tiny bit of time📜  

[1585*dance / flutter📜  


[1587*a gulp of liquid📜  

[1588*ingredients / fees📜  


[1590*diagram/ map📜  



[1594*all over again📜  

[1595*hard like x rock📜  


[1597*convenient / poop📜  

[1598*one’s own flesh ] 📜