“*1401* = [56*rice field ] [478b*second rank *LOSER* ]”



[1405*me macho dude📜  



[1408*and then📜  



[1411*the edge📜  






[1417*get sick of📜  



[1420*verse of a poem📜  


[1422*the fuzz police📜  



[1425*put in custody📜  

[1426*in season/ time of month📜  


[1428*scent good or bad📜  



[1431*promise/ approximately📜  

[1432*motivation / -al’ ] 📜  




[1436*steal by stealth📜  

[1437*hot or warm thing📜  


[1439*heaps of!📜  



[1442*expert opinion📜  


[1444*a crowd📜  

“*1445* = [135*six ] [YKS5b**katakana no ]”



[1449*raise / cite/ mention📜  




[1453*general / overall📜  

[1454*tray / basis📜  







[1460*go nuts📜  



[1463*prey on / get📜  


卩or⺋ 📜  

[1466*commit a crime📜  





[1471*standard / the-best-way-to-do📜  

”” 📜  

[1473*arm / skill📜  


[1475*season / joint📜  



[1478*lofty ]📜  


[1480*go to pick someone up📜  

[1481*pompous / look up to📜  




[1486*aim at📜  

[1487*one’s team] 📜  


[1489*rough texture / bad quality📜  


[1491*tatami mat📜  


[1493*katakana NE📜  


[1495*peer at📜  





[1500*GOD kanji📜