*1302* = [15*ten ] [76*eye ]


[1309*correct a problem / direct contact📜  


[1306*refrain / be prudent📜  


[1308*suspend / gamble📜  

[1310*put down on table📜  

[1311*price or ranking📜  


[1313*radical 78 vicious📜  




[1317*tear up📜  

[1318*violently intense📜  













[1331*first part / preface📜  





[1336*perform a duty📜  

[1337*bundle of sticks📜  


[1339*ask a favor📜  



[1342*pass radical📜  



[1345*t-bone steak📜  



[1348*sick kanji📜  

[1349* hurts!📜  

[1350*get tired from hard work📜  




[1354*go numb📜  




[1358*chide / guide📜  


?????? 📜  

[1361*bad habit📜  

[1362*avoid / dodge📜  


[1364*wet wood📜  

[1365*medical therapy📜  



[1368*humbly say god radical📜  

[1369*lose weight📜  




[1373*turtle shell📜  


[1375*freedom / reason for📜  




[1379*extend to📜  

[1380*monkey radical📜  


[1382*corner of room📜  





[1387*get cloudy📜  



[1390*shake/ tremble📜  




[1394*outdoors/ public📜  


[1396*ghost / a spirit📜  

[1397*become damp/ moisten📜  


[1399*me for men📜