[1*one ] 📜  





[YKS5b**katakana no📜  

YKS5c*katakana ku 📜  








[YKS11b**a bow/stick📜  






[17*dream come TRUE📜  


[478*second rank / girl📜  

[478b*second rank *LOSER*📜  

[19*dagger spoon📜  




[23*sun, day📜  












[YKS33b*water radical📜  





[38*stay for the night📜  

[39*juice, soup📜  



[42*big lake📜  


[44*animal fat📜  

[45*gall bladder / daring📜  


[47* fire📜  

[47b fire radical] 📜  









[56*rice field📜  

[57*neighborhood, small town📜  

[58*cultivated field📜  


[60*put/go in📜  

[61* person📜  

[61b* *person* 📜  




[YKS64b*plant radical📜  





[69*upside-down box📜  

[70*the inside📜  



[YKS72b*hanging towel /scroll📜  

[73* small city📜  


[75*older sister📜  




[79*my own📜  

[80*lid radical📜  


[82*bring to a halt📜  



[84*direction / person📜  

[85*ten thousand📜  

[86*formal visit📜  


[88*fatty food📜  




[92*culture/ sentence📜  



[95*numeral 4📜  



[98* heart📜  



[100*get mad📜