Make Kanji Lists

Have a test coming up on a list of Kanji?
We currently have two kanji list making options (below) that can give you lots of useful help.

1) JapanTree Custom Kanji Component Lists
Enter your kanji list into the search box below, leaving space between each kanji.

(for example,  )
And you will get the list with a breakdown of the radicals as used on JapanTree.
(*Beta. If you get a “nothing found” error, try searching kanji one at a time. I’m still fixing some bugs/glitches)


2) Custom Kanji Mnemonic List
Using the form below you can make a kanji list that has the mnemonic info on
NOTE: You need to put “or” between each kanji in your list (for example, 大or人or老or小) to get it to work correctly.

Make List Using

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