Giant Steps – The World’s First Hint-Assisted Chinese Character Keyboard

a.k.a. the Yasuke! Japanese H.A.C.C.Keyboard

OK. Today I am releasing something really cool.

Here’s the link for it

Since it is a new release and a milestone, some celebratory music is in order…

Why John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps?” Well, for one I’m a bit of a Jazz nerd.

And also to use as an analogy.
John Coltrane experimented with certain technical elements and created a style of sound that hadn’t been done before.
Because it was so different, he called the song “Giant Steps.”

What I have been working on is also very different. And like Coltrane’s music, it’s likely to be confusing, misunderstood, maybe even ignored.

But I hope not, because I think it is a Giant Step for Japanese learning.

This “hint-assisted” keyboard might just be the key to your learning to write the kanji by hand from memory.

I have more to say about that than I have time to write in this post.

I will be putting full details of the project on the permanent page for it at

Until then, why not just try it out. It’s FREE $0.

(although there is the option for you to pay a few dollars in support if you want)

There is a video and readme instructions on the download page.

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