George Lucas influenced by Akira Kurosawa

When my Japanese got to the intermediate level I fell in love with Akira Kurosawa movies.

7 Samurai, Ikiru, Madadayo are some of my favourite movies of all time.

(I love the line in Madadayo where the teacher makes “baka” soup – a deer/horse combo. It you know the kanji for baka you know why that’s clever in an Oyaji-gaggu kinda way) 🙂


The thought happened to pop into my head that Star Wars borrowed a lot from Japanese elements so I googled it (I had this thought before but had never googled). I’m not a Star Wars fanatic (never been to a fan gathering and haven’t watched them quite 100 times), but I like Star Wars so the result of that google research was interesting.

Turns out George Lucas and Akira Kurosawa had a lot in common and Lucas “bit” (to us the bboy phrase) a lot from Kurosawa’s style.

Check it out

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