Free Japanese Language School

mission: to help fill the world with Japanese schools

First off – what the “free language school” is not:

  • Not a replacement for a regular (brick and mortar) school. Think of it more as a compliment to school.
    • Unless you are Japanese or a Japanese PhD, I can almost guarantee you that I have spent more time and money on learning Japanese than you (nearly all of my life and all of my college tuition). Spending money on classes is not a bad thing.

Why a free school:

A great language teacher once motivated me to keep on learning Japanese and go to Japan. This is my way of paying it forward.

In many places it is difficult or impossible to find a local Japanese class.

Whether it is a circumstance like that or something else that is holding you back, I want to help you start or motivate you to push on.


What the free school aspires to be:

JapanTree™ aspires to be a free Japanese language school and a free training resource for Japanese language teachers (/tutors); and includes:

* A free monthly introductory Japanese language group class held over skype

* The free Full Yasuke! (Japanese class outline) ; an outline -under development – that can help anyone create a Japanese class)
* The free Kanji Mnemonics Training Course (completed)
*  free Youtube Courses (completed: hiragana / kanji; N5 to N1 classes under development)

Our mission:
“To make anyone who wants to study Japanese, a student;  anyone who wants to teach Japanese, a tutor or teacher; and to fight against the circumstances that would have it otherwise”

  • to create a Free Japanese Language resource to help high school, college, and self-learners master Japanese.
  • to give Japanese teachers and tutors the tools they need to effectively teach Japanese.
  • to do this while doing our best to follow these two principles:
    • access to all of our online resources should be free
    • our work will be supported by selling print versions, recommending products, and voluntary donations