Free Alternative to WaniKani – JapanTree Kanji Mnemonics (alternative or complement to WaniKani)

In this video I explain how to use JapanTree Kanji Mnemonics to help you with high school Japanese class kanji tests,
college Japanese class kanji tests, or your self-learning kanji progress.

Our kanji mnemonics series is free an can be a great alternative to or complement to WaniKani.

First off, JapanTree’s Kanji Mnemonics series can help you “get used to kanji” using the kanji page

Kanji list (kanji list 2)

On this page you will see the full list of kanji.

This is great for helping you get the “flood effect” of seeing how all the kanji breakdown.


After that,

you can learn to write kanji from memory using the keyword worksheets.

Keyword Worksheet (worksheet 2)


On our page to Make Kanji Lists you can enter the kanji you have to memorize for an upcoming test and see the radicals that make up the kanji.

With that knowledge you can create memorable mnemonics and memorize them.


Our  Video Series  can help you practice the kanji even while doing other things. Listen to the audio and try to mentally visualize each kanji. Great for when you are driving or cooking 🙂


As a companion to the website consider buying our
*Paperback workbook!*


Our series would not be possible without these great resources that paved the way… Credits

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