Becoming a Japanese teacher – a guide

Ever thought of becoming a Japanese teacher?!

Neither did I, until I did. And you can too!! 🙂

In this short guide I’d like to share some ideas about passing on your knowledge of Japanese.

Formal Tutor

If your Japanese is at about the N2 to nearly N1 range, you should be able to pass the Japanese tutor quiz to teach for

Here is where you can sign up as a tutor with them.

Informal Tutoring and Japanese clubs

If you don’t feel your Japanese is proficient enough to tutor, you can still pass on your knowledge, other learners will benefit, and you could even be compensated for it.

You could do informal tutoring.

Or you could start a local Japanese language club and invite others to practice with you. While you are at it, why not try to see if you can get a local or online Japanese teacher to give your club lessons.

That’s it for now

But there are more than a few other ways to “do something extra” with your Japanese. And I plan to expand this page, blog about teaching/tutoring, and make a comprehensive guide.

So sign up and learn how to tap the fun/wonky world of teaching Japanese!