Andvanced Japanese Resources – Ninjas only beyond this point

Advanced Japanese resources     —  in completely random order

Online Courses –

MIT’s Advanced Japanese II    [really MIT? surprisingly not very advanced…. 🙁   at least looking at the assignment PDFs. In my advanced class at Sophia (Jochi) U we were doing formal debates on Abortion/Gay-Marriage, reading real newspapers, and doing native-level speechs and presentations. uh oh, my head just got bigger]



Time to learn to teach grammar!



Get your Kanji up there by understanding radicals


Going for Super-ninja-dom?

learn the ancient roots of Kanji


Khatzumoto good

Hating on the JLPT


or embrace the evil of jlpt


KANJI KENTEI !!!!!!!  So you want to be the master of Japanese, do ya?         and


中日 * The Ultimate Level Up* – Learn Chinese through Japanese

Aiyori Picture dictionary and Lessons 中国語版 – (Chinese language version of Aiyori)


 anki deck for Japanese Chinese



Take your students to the JapanBowl !


Japanese Even Japanese People Don’t Know (TV series)

(this youtube of the tv series has Chinese and Japanese subtitles so great for Japanese-to-Chinese leveling up too. here are more episodes)


AND  “This is what’s strange, Japan”

more episodes



NHK tv

NHK high school course  ( I especially like the Kokugo videos like this one)

NHK specials (on youtube)

NHK “science zero” (on youtube)


Other Online TV

FNN live





Minna No Kyozai



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