Adventures in Teaching Japanese

If it is your first time here – I am a non-native Japanese teacher. (years of Japanese/ Japanese University grad)

I am currently teaching at a small private high school that encourages innovative methods.

For me, teaching Japanese is like coming home. It is like giving back.

In my senior year of high school my Japanese teacher was Puerto Rican. He was also my best Japanese teacher and is (based on their Japan Bowl results) one of the best Japanese teachers in the U.S.

I owe him a lot. A whole lot.

So for me, teaching others is like paying forward what he did for me.

Teaching Japanese is an interesting road.

The more I teach the better I understand the languages advantages and challenges myself.

Japanese is a neat language.

One goal of this site is to record my adventures teaching Japanese. And hopefully what I write might help some other Japanese teachers and language learners.

I will be adding more , highlighting resources , etc.

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