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This website is a lot of things. Mostly great tools for Japanese language teachers and Japanese language learners.

(including neuroscience-based techniques for teaching Japanese)

If you are trying to learn Japanese this is a good place to find resources. It is also a good place to find ideas for getting to Japan (student exchange, etc.)

But this site is more than that.
It’s been redefined several times.

It was originally a DIY service for people to create their own Japan-related website. Registration for that is closed.







Before it was renamed l renamed JapanTree, many of the interviews I am reposting here were on a blog I had called DailyJ on a website project (Nipponster) that died.

Also, did I mention that I teach Japanese ? –
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Hi, my name is Taiyo. People also call me Yakitori.
I am a Sophia University (Tokyo) graduate.
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