A visual journey through the breakdown radicals of 1700+ kanji

And here is part two (kanji # 970 – 1750)

These videos were created purely as a test; and posted with the title “subliminal kanji” as a joke.

But never the less, they ARE useful for at least one thing –

seeing how Kanji are broken down into pieces (radicals),

seeing how those pieces make up the whole,

and seeing that the pieces (radicals) recur often and are used in different kanji.

Why is this helpful?

It’s helpful because kanji radicals are like the letters of the alphabet in English.

If you didn’t know what a “C” was and you didn’t know how to write it, you would have a hard time spelling “cat.”

Sure you could just write “cat” by rote 100 times and hope you remember it.

The much smarter way is to learn your ABCs and then learn that cat is spelled “C” “A” “T.”

Also after learning “cat” you might recognize it as a “spelling pattern” (I’m not sure such a thing exists in English, but I think you will know what I mean) in other vocabulary words.

For example, you might hear “category” or “catastrophic” and you can guess that it starts off with “C” “A” “T.”

Of course, the meaning of “cat” and “catastrophic” have nothing to do with each other (unless you have a really bad cat 😉 )

Likewise, the radicals in kanji don’t necessarily mean anything by themselves;

they are just the way the kanji is spelled.

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