81 To Dos and Feeling Good

(Just a quick post today as I work on some other upcoming things.)

About two weeks ago I posted about being tired.

I think I had forgotten how much fun DailyJ can be; how much fun it is to talk to others on the Japan-related web and hear about what motivates them.

Looking back over the year cured me of that. Even I cannot believe that DailyJ interviewed 21 sites last year! It was a great experience.

There is much for me to do for DailyJ and Nipponster. I have a long list of to do items (really mini & major projects). Right now I have 81 items on my list! But they are all exiting things. I can’t wait to roll them out!


p.s. I am getting better at managing things, I take my gmail inbox down to zero every week now (for the last three weeks).  See inbox zero

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