May Toolbar Improvements

I have been rather inactive on the J-web lately but it is always on my mind.

Instead I have been digging deeper into the soul searching I started at the end of last year. And I have been tapping into what my passions truly are which I think will ultimately do me and any project I choose to work on more good than just doing something for the sake of [fill in the blank].

But I have been actively working on small constant improvements to the j-web community toolbar.

Here is the latest addition:

1) Furigana Generator!

Working on a document and want to add furigana on top of all or some of the kanji?

Furigana Generator can help. I’ve put a link to it on the toolbar under the “tools” menu.

I also added a link under “japan links” to

Tokyo VR is website with neat virtual reality style panoramic shots of places in Tokyo. They are interactive so you can pan around and zoom in. The Tokyo Undergroad shots are rather interesting. – I was think of adding this but I don’t know if it will be useful. It is a google maps mashup where you can search google maps japan in English.

I’d really like to make this toolbar more useful. I am definitely not satisfied yet…

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