Take JapanSoc on the go! J-web Community toolbar upgrade

Hi all,

As part of my commitment to make the community japanese language toolbar a force for enhancing collaboration on the Japan-related web I’ve just added a cool new feature:

Floating JapanSoc Widgets! (see screenshot below)

JapanSoc floating widget

JapanSoc floating widget

“Why should I care?” you say?

Well, if you are a Jsoc’er you can use this handy tool to keep up with the latest Top and Upcoming stories on JapanSoc, without being on JapanSoc.

So let’s say you are “busy” watching Youtube videos but you also want to see if there is anything new on JapanSoc – now you can!

“Give me the widget already!”

First you have to have the japanese language toolbar. Once you have that, on the toolbar go to “japan links” and find the new “JapanSoc” section. In that section click on either “top stories popup” or “upcoming stories popup”

The popup can be resized using the resize thingy (what do you call those?) on the bottom right.

I hope it will be of use to you.

As always, let me know what you think! I’m all ears.

Have a great day,


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