Giving away a few Japan-related domain names

I have a few domain names that I’d like to give (yes, free) to anyone who will do good with them.

Going forward it will be important for me to focus my time and resources on the areas where I am already providing value (and can provide future value). And I plan to cut everything that doesn’t.

So, here are the domains available (all registered at godaddy): – A Japan encyclopedia project was the original vision. Maybe you can make it work or come up with a better idea for it. Ganbare! – was registered to protect the japanopedia name (which was probably pointless) – I had so many ideas for this site. The first website I ever made was in 2003 with the help of a friend. It was supposed to be a site where foreigners (mostly foreign exchange students) in Japan could post articles talking about their experiences. We even played with the idea of turning some of the experiences into a book (which could be done easily now with lulu) and giving all the published submitters a percentage of sales. But the idea didn’t take off (my vanity would like to think it was ahead of its time) and I moved on to other website projects. We forgot to renew the name and lost it. I always liked the name though and ended up buying (which was better anyway). I didn’t have a clear idea for it at first but finally planned to turn into a social networking site for foreigners. Probably not a great idea. I don’t know.

Anyway, maybe you can take it and do something awesome with it.

I’ve never sold or given away a domain before so I am not sure exactly how it works on godaddy although I know you can do it and supposedly it isn’t hard.

SO, if you are interested, just email me about the domain you want and we can figure out how to make the transfer from there.

eaglelandgrace Att gmail

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