Nipponster Toolbar gets a makeover

It’s been awhile.

Being away from the action is never fun and I am glad to have found some inspiration and time to make some updates and post them.

I am always lurking and seeing things here and there though.
So much is going on lately on the J-web and I am anxious to talk about it and find out about it from the people involved.

But to start I thought I’d better make good on my word and finish working out some suggestions Nick (whom I cannot thank enough) sent me for the Nipponster Toolbar.

So here they are (thank Nick):

The radio&tv section has been cleaned up a bit

I put a link to BillWest’s for the “Blogs, Podcasts and Videos” section of the “Japan Links”

And I added to the “Japan Links -> Forums and Communities” section also, including a link to the JapanSoc community blog

Now you can also have the largest RSS feed of Japan blogs on the planet right on your browser with the Japan Blog Big RSS feed

And, best of all, I’ve included Tofugu’s “Top 10 Japanese Language Resources” to the Japan Links section. It is a great list for learning Japanese and now each of the 10 a available right from your browser.

I am excited about the new toolbar updates and I am hoping to roll out more soon. Especially ones that will make the Tofugu resources even easier to use.

So, if you haven’t taken it for a spin yet be sure to try out the Nipponster toolbar today.

Well, that’s all from me, what is happening on your side of the J-web?

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