Gone to the mountain (see you in December)


Life is keeping me from blogging…

In part that is a good thing because actually, despite how much I hype it, the J-web isn’t everything (did I just admit that? 😮 ). We humans need balance and that is what this post is about.

I have a life outside of blogging that is also very fulfilling and I am happy about that.

And then there is also work… Work is fulfilling in its own way too. I work at a small company where I’m fortunate to work often directly with the founder. I’ve learnt much on the job and it has helped me gain useful experience I will need on the path to what I ultimately would like to do (it also pays the bills). That said it really takes up my time.

I also have my own business. I incorporated a little over 3 years ago (I was still in uni at the time – I always bite off more than I can chew) and have been playing around with different business ideas ever since. Business is one of my passions.

My ideal business would be one that:

  • is completely remote (I want to be able to work from anywhere with an internet connection)
  • combines web technology with business ingenuity
  • leverages application service providers (ASPs, also called Saas) and outsourcing so I only focus of the area where I add the most value
  • engages my three passions: Japan, business, and web technology

When I started I was working on a few web ventures and I am still working on one of them (an ecommerce store). As I was working on these a friend asked me to develop a website for his small business (and do some online marketing), he referred his contacts and they’ve referred people and I’ve been focusing on that ever since. Maybe I’ll be able to quit my other job someday and just do this (although admittedly my web design skills need work).

Of course, if money was not an issue I would just create useful Japan-related websites and tools to help people all day… Who knows, maybe that is a possibility too.

mt fuji

I have a lot of thinking to do. So I am going up to the proverbial mountain top (I plan to post again starting Dec. 1) .

After this little sojourn of meditation I will hopefully have [rested and] asked myself some very deep life questions.

I like doing this type of internal reflection. And I’ve decided from now on to do reflecting of this level at least once a year. This year I will be making my first personal mission statement an idea I took from Stephen Covey’s very good book First Things First.

Two other good books that will be reviewing on the mountaintop are Good To Great by Jim Collins and Go It Alone by Bruce Judson. I highly recommend both of them (for anyone who enjoys business books).

See you in December,

The Chemist

p.s. Nick, thanks again for the toolbar suggestions! I will be working on them during the hiatus.

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