Rikai Widgets on the Nipponster Japan Toolbar

Working on too many things…

Thankfully I made time for things that matter too.

I have caught up with my email (inbox zero!) and replied to all comments (hopefully).

I also added some goodies to the Nipponster Japan Toolbar for you.

They are from Rikai’s “syndicate me” page.

By putting them on the Japan Toolbar users like you can access them right from your browser! (good for extra laziness)

Here is what it looks like:

rikai language widgets on japan toolbar

Of course you have to download/install the Japan Toolbar if you haven’t already (it’s easy).

Here are the rikai widgets in action (of course with the toolbar you don’t have to come here to use them):

Kanji of the day –

Kanji recall quiz –

Japanese phrase of the day –

Japan photo of the day –

I have the sneaky suspicion that I have set these up on the toolbar wrong (they may not update daily), I will check them later to see if they update. If you notice any problems let me know, yeah?

And if you have any suggestions for the Japan Toolbar just let me know. I’m at your service.

Have a great day

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